Climbing Playground Equipment

Playground equipment that incorporates and encourages climbing allow children to be challenged in a fun play environment. By playing, climbing, and exploring children are able to feel a sense of adventure that will also help them develop their cognitive needs. Cognitive needs are based on knowledge and understanding that come from curiosity, creativity, discovery, and exploration. ID Sculpture playground equipment brings just that to your play space!


ID Sculpture

ID Sculpture designs and fabricates custom sculptural landscapes from a proprietary thin shell concrete composite. Founded in 2004, from a love of climbing and material innovation, IDS is now a group of talented craftsmen and designers with a wide breadth of skill and experience. The IDS team works together to produce the most unique and functional climbing playground equipment within each market we touch. ID Sculpture's main focus has been sculptural play in public playgrounds, climbing walls and boulders. Their experience spans from fine arts, high-end kitchen and bath, landscape architecture, digital fabrication and furniture design.ID Sculpture separates itself from the competition with experience and creativity. IDS's process allows us to offer completely custom yet cost effective solutions. We are a truly committed group of individuals that love to meet design challenges with creativity, economy and integrity. 

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