Burke Playgrounds

Join Our Movement® and discover how Burke's playground equipment can move you! Browse our complete collection of playgrounds, safety surfacing, sports equipment and site furnishings!


USA Shade

USA SHADE is a full-service design/build fabric shade structure manufacturer. Since 1991, they've been the pioneers and innovators of fabric-based shade in North America and have been the dominant, long-standing leader in our industry for well over a decade.

Dero Bike Parking

Dero's real world insight from bike-centric lives helps them design innovative, high-quality, and functional bicycling infrastructure that people rely on every day.


Coverworx Recreational Architecture provides quality prefabricated structures to customers across the country. Their products and services span standard structures, solar lighting and nationwide installation that sets Coverworx apart from the rest!

Burke Fitness

Burke's fitness lines are a great way to spend time outdoors and gain the benefits of increased physical fitness with ELEVATE® Fitness Course, ACTIVATE® Fitness Circuit or INVIGORATE® Dynamic Fitness.


BigToys believes in sustaining play for generations to come. Their goal is to ensure that our children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and great, great grandchildren have clean, healthy areas in which to play for years to come.

Dog-on-it Dog Parks

Our mission is to help communities become more pet-friendly by providing solutions for dog parks, off-leash areas and everywhere dogs are welcome.

Anova Site Furnishings

Anova is committed to creating high-design, fine-quality products that also help customers achieve their goals in sustainability. Their mission is to design and manufacture beautiful, comfortable outdoor furniture that helps communities come together.

Percussion Play

Percussion Play is the leading manufacturer of outdoor musical instruments. With a variety of instruments, they're committed to making musical expression accessible to everyone, everywhere.

ID Sculpture

Whether you've got a big idea or a blank slate waiting for paint, IDSculpture loves the challenge and opportunity of custom playground projects. They combine digital fabrication with hand-crafted sculpture to visualize and create virtually any form.

Paris Outdoor Fitness

Transform your space with durable and high-performance outdoor fitness equipment from Paris with over 35 of the highest quality machines